Krakow film music festival day 2

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The second day of the festival was filled with a couple of interesting sessions in the  afternoon. The first session was a discussion about a couple of persons in the film industry talking about soundtracks in general. The second session was  a session about the Alien movies with in the panel Elliot Goldenthal and Robert Townson. In a nutshell it… Read more »

Krakow film music festival day 1

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For those who do not know yet: I am back at the Krakow music festival. I arrived on May 23rd after a nice 11 hour drive. The trip went well. I met a lot of friends right away. After a good night sleep we went to the press conference. It was good to see Elliot Goldenthal again after seeing him… Read more »

Wintersports 2012

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It was this time of year again. I went skiing with two friends this year. We went to Les Menuires this time.   It was our first time there. It is a nice place with lots of appartments near the slopes. Unfortunately the shops and restaurants were in the main part of town and we had to walk a distance… Read more »

A late present from a French Santa Claus

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Yesterday morning when I came back from work I found this lying on my doormat. I order a lot of CDs on the internet, but I could not recall ordering this one.  Seeing that it was send to ‘Pays Bas’ and that is a Joe Hisaishi CD it was a no-brainer to me to know from whom it was from. Alchemist you… Read more »

Amazon sellers experience

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As the most of you probably know I have a thing with film music. In the digital age I still prefer my music on those shiny little discs called CDs. After picking it up, I rip them to music files and put them in a box.  But it always nice to have a ‘hard’ backup on CDs. The four CDs… Read more »

My movie collection

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A friend of mine told me about My Movies. With my  Android it was pretty easy to scan in all my movies using the phone’s camera. Now I finally have all my movies on my phone. It happened to me multiple times in a DVD store that I did not know if I had the movie or not. This resulted… Read more »

Seat belts in my car!

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You probably need  to be a film music expert to understand the title…  :-) A friend of mine has connections in Japan. He arranged the following CDs for me: They are: Cowbow Bebop  by Yoko Kanno Final Fantasy VII Advent Children  by Nobuo Uematsu Nausicaa Valley of Wind by Joe Hisaishi I have been looking for them for quite some… Read more »

English translation of my interview for Score magazine

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As could be read on my twitter and facebook. I did an interview for the Dutch film music magazine Score. My friends on asked me to provide an English translation for this interview. I did an exact translation as possible. If you can read Dutch please go to, register and download the magazine (No. 163) yourself instead of… Read more »