Day 6 and 7: 4 and 5 September

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We left our motel to pay a visit to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. I have been there 10 years ago. But apparently a lot has changed in the mean time! It looks like there is a new section with another rim walk and a parking lot. Lot more could be seen there. 10 years ago a lot could be done with the car. Now we had to use shuttle busses. The canyon is as beautiful as ever. Unfortunately it was clouded that day. That made making beautiful pictures very hard. It even rained for a short time! All in all we enjoyed the Grand Canyon very much and left it later than we had hoped. We had a long drive ahead of us to Kanab. We arrived at the hotel after eight (Utah time which is an hour ahead of Arizona). After checking in we went for a quick bite in a Mexican restaurant run by a Mexican family. The food was decent and they threw us almost out after our last bite because they wanted to close.

Next day was a very busy day. Because we have a short time before we leave to Portland we had to visit two parks that day, involving a lot of driving. After a good breakfast with horrible coffee  we went to Bryce Canyon.  It is still a magnificent sight. We had little time so we decided to do it the ‘American way’: visit all the stops and make pictures. We would have loved to make a small walk over there. Unfortunately time did not permit it.

Afterwards it was a long drive back to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon when we almost were there it started to rain a bit.. making me very sad. Fortunately it cleared when we arrived. I remember the North Rim as more beautiful than the South rim. And that still holds. I cannot remember seeing that many cabins over there though. I assume they were built there in the last ten years. The lodge itself was filled with rich people enjoying a beer while watching the great view. Stefan and I went for a walk to a beautiful  viewing point Bright Angel viewing point.

When we got back to Kanab we grabbed a pizza at the hut and bought some beers at a gas station who had a real ‘beer cave’!