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50 years Dwingeloo telescope

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Yesterday one of the mile stones in Radio astronomy had it’s 50st birthday: the Dwingeloo telescope. It went out of commission in 2000 but it will be reused by radio amateurs. The Dwingeloo telescope was back then with its 25 meter dish the biggest telescope of the world. Nowadays we got 14 of em :-)

The farmers go to Europe!

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My favourite soccer team FC Groningen made it to European league! An huge accomplishement for a not so known dutch soccer team. They have not been in that league for about 25 years. I am happy, now let us hope they even win some games over there. :-)

Business trip Bologna

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I had a business this last couple of days to Ira, Bologna. It was a good meeting. Not sure if I personally like the outcome but that is a different story. Of course we went down town which was quite an adventure with the Italian traffic, mopeds and cars everwhere. Below some photos A nice Plaza behind the huge church…. Read more »

Epica concert review

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I am a big fan of Epica. Epica is a dutch symphonic metal band, with lots of influences from the film music industry, which is my other musical preference. I heard them for the first time on a dutch festival in 2004. I was quite surprised by this to me unknown metal band. Now I have all their CD’s and… Read more »

There you have it..

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.. my new blog. I decided to ditch my old blogspot blog and to start a fresh one on my domain. Finally some content on :-) I am quite happy with the theme I have made but it still need some tweaking (bloody 1 pixel shift that still needs fixing.) In the future I am planning to add more… Read more »