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I am a big fan of Epica. Epica is a dutch symphonic metal band, with lots of influences from the film music industry, which is my other musical preference. I heard them for the first time on a dutch festival in 2004. I was quite surprised by this to me unknown metal band. Now I have all their CD’s and I got their awesome 2 meter sessies DVD.

To my surprise I found out they were giving a concert in my home town. So of course I went there. Good thing I just bought myself a new mobile phone:

I know Epica a bit and I know what they can do musically. It was an awesome concert, but I had the impression they could have done more. The guitars were to me waay too loud, ignoring the Simone’s awesome voice (darn she is hot). I know the headbangers in front did not mind that. But my sensitive ears would prefer to hear more music instead of guitars. Epica is not a normal metal band. They are a symphonic one, so let me hear more symphonic stuff during concert.

While thanking the audience and going back stage King Arthur’s “All of them!” was playing. Awesomeness.

2 thoughts on “Epica concert review

  1. Saffron

    Someday I will get to see Epica live…*sigh*. Sorry it wasn’t as good as you hoped. Hopefully The Gathering will be.

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