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VLBI sandwich

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At the moment at the WSRT we have a couple weeks of special observations. We only have couple of those sessions in a year. They are so-called VLBI sessions. These sessions are that important that the observers need to be around 24/7 in the building. This means they eat and sleep in the building. One of them introduced me to… Read more »

Greetings from Oxford

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Ouch.. almost two months without posting… sorry. :-) Anyways time for another ‘Cal-is-on-a-business-trip’ posts again. Well this time it is Oxford in the UK. Lots of new stuff to be learned about a software package called AstroGrid. Beer and pubs are good, English breakfast is nice, the weather rainy and cold. Finishing up with an okay-ish picture:

50 years Dwingeloo telescope

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Yesterday one of the mile stones in Radio astronomy had it’s 50st birthday: the Dwingeloo telescope. It went out of commission in 2000 but it will be reused by radio amateurs. The Dwingeloo telescope was back then with its 25 meter dish the biggest telescope of the world. Nowadays we got 14 of em :-)