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Day two Tenerife

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After a good night sleep some breakfast and some time on the Internet we decided to do something you are supposed to do in an hotel in Tenerife: swimming in their pool. Afterwards we went downtown to collect our tickets and for some beers. We found a restaurant where we could eat. Which is very rare because restaurants open up… Read more »

Day one Tenerife

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Day one of the festival was not a big succes. The flights were plagued by heavy delays. After the a delay of around two hours, the plane started to land to the final airport but suddenly aborted the landing. After that we circled for quite some time, when we finally landed we found out that we had landed on the… Read more »

Crafting my own house

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I made a probably very boring movie of my tree house in  a game called Minecraft. The music is good though. It is of one of the composers from the Krakow festival.