3 thoughts on “Next trip: film music festival in Tenerife

  1. Stefan Bosman

    A late response, if everything went well, you are already there. Just want to say have a lot of fun and good luck promoting our site. ;)

  2. sstgirlfriend

    hi cal,

    please tell us all about the planejourney you survived, the meetings , the great concerts, the late afterpartiies and the refreshing swimmingpool, or didn’t you discover that one yet?
    I won’t ask you to kiss dutch for me, but please, give him a big hug.
    enjoy your staying overthere, and we will enjoy your updates.

  3. sstgirlfriend

    hi cal,

    -bigeek- read forum on sst after my enthousiastic comment on this site…..
    sorry to hear that you missed the first concert…..
    hopes from now on everything goes well as planned.
    greetings, and an extra big hug to comfort you both.

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