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Garden renovation

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HWH was bugging me  way too long to blog this. So here it goes. I did some garden renovation. You can view it on my picasa.  The garden is almost finished, I probably need more plants. But lets see first how the ones I have now grow. But my garden is really finished when I have my first barbecue in… Read more »

Repairing our toy plane.

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After crashing our Reely toy plane. We managed to patch it up again using Styrofeam. The nose is completely replaced. See the photos:

Sunday Afternoon

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This picture sums up how I spend my sunny Sunday afternoon :D Also look at my flowers in the pots. Even I can have green hands! Well.. sort of..

Weed plantation

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I visit my old appartment building every Tuesday after my bassguitar lessons. Always nice to meet up with friends, drink a beer and have some laughs. In this appartment building where I have lived for 9 years, there is always something happening.  See below a picture of a illiegal weed plantation being removed. It is the fourth I have seen… Read more »

Christmas post preview

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Here are two shots to give a little sneak preview for my Christmas post.