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Photo shoot out!

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Contestant number one: The Fujifilm finepix S620z: This camera served me well from 2003 to 2007. It went to countries like, France, Sweden, Spain and others including Brasil and New Zealand. This camera has seen a lot of awesomeness that exists in the world.

Woot wacom

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I am quite a fan of wacom tablets since 7 years.  My latest wacom bamboo finally arrived at work. Very good to see that their technology has improved even more over the years. Problem is, now I want one at home too instead of my old Sapphire :S

Birthday present!

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I have received a couple of nice presents for my birthday. On is on the picture below. I am quite happy with it. So.. you are probably  thinking:  “ok that is just a pair of scissors…” but trust me they are not. Using scissors is something the majority are familiar with. But for lefties like I am, using scissors is… Read more »

You have got mail

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When living on your own, most mail is yours, instead addressed to housemates or ex-housemates. Some mail is nice to receive like a postcard from friends on holiday in the US. Some are less pleasant like bills. And finally some are just plain annoying like the two in the picture below that I received yesterday. For the non dutch people:… Read more »

Phone cable found! and The Gathering stuff

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As mentioned in this post I have a nice habit of losing things. One of the items was the USB cable of my mobile phone. Better not mention that it was just in the drawer were it supposed to be.. Now that I can finally show you some pictures of The Gathering. So very glad I saw their show twice… Read more »


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Yay another post from me. Something tells me that blogging is not really my thing :-) One of the excuses I can use for not blogging much is that I have been on holiday. My brother lives in Brasil. In the city Recife to be precise. He was spending the holidays with friends in the Southeast of Brasil: the city… Read more »

Greetings from Oxford

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Ouch.. almost two months without posting… sorry. :-) Anyways time for another ‘Cal-is-on-a-business-trip’ posts again. Well this time it is Oxford in the UK. Lots of new stuff to be learned about a software package called AstroGrid. Beer and pubs are good, English breakfast is nice, the weather rainy and cold. Finishing up with an okay-ish picture:

Hoge Veluwe Part 2

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I went to the Hoge Veluwe National Park for the second time a month back. Here some piccies: This is how the park looks like in the majority. An open field in the park.