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New theme!

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It was time for a face-lift for this blog. I think the theme I made was like 10 years old now. So this time a was a bit more lazy and just lifted a nice wordpress theme from the shelves. I hope you like it. My posts should now be visible on all devices without a problem.

English translation of my interview for Score magazine

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As could be read on my twitter and facebook. I did an interview for the Dutch film music magazine Score. My friends on asked me to provide an English translation for this interview. I did an exact translation as possible. If you can read Dutch please go to, register and download the magazine (No. 163) yourself instead of… Read more »

Going on a road trip

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If you are visiting this blog because you know me, than you probably also know that I have a “thing” for soundtracks. This Wednesday I will be leaving to the Krakow film music festival in Poland. Two amazing composers will be visiting. Namely Joe Hisaishi and Klaus Badelt. I am pretty excited about this! My hotel is supposed to have… Read more »

Toy! My first iPad impressions

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As the picture suggest i bought myself an iPad. Since iPad 2 is coming out the first version was a lot cheaper. Cheap enough for me to not wait for an awesome Android tablet. I was planning to buy an e-reader anyways before this came along. So after using it for 24 hours time for some impressions. It is nice… Read more »


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Well apparently twitter failed to process my text messages. I always use my twitter to keep the people “at home” up to date what I am doing during my holidays.  Because that failed, I thought it was time to make one of my rare blog posts. We went to Belle Plagne this year. It is the second time I have… Read more »

Next stop… Egypt

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After Brasil in September it is time for my next goal: visit the pyramids of Egypt. I am very fascinated by the rich history of Egypt. Fortunately a friend shares the interest. We will be going on a 14 day trip visiting all kind of tourist places like Cairo, Gizeh, Alexandria, Luxor and Aswam. I have to wait a while… Read more »


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I finally caved in: Still need to research the options to intergrate it with this blog. There is probably a plugin for it.

Ode to my car.

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Sigh.. making new posts once a week is hard.. :S Anyways here is a picture of my car: Some properties about my car: Brand: Volkwagen Golf III 1.9 SDI Creation date: November 1995 (in my possession since July 2004) Milage: 255.000 kms (116.000 kms driven by me) This is my first car. I have driven with this car to my… Read more »

Gone for a week

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Not that it really matters seeing how often I post :-) But my holiday to Brasil starts tomorrow. Maybe I am able to post during vacation, maybe not. I have to sea. Anyways good luck with work, good luck with school etc etc. I am off to the sun! :D