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PlagneWell apparently twitter failed to process my text messages. I always use my twitter to keep the people “at home” up to date what I am doing during my holidays.  Because that failed, I thought it was time to make one of my rare blog posts.

We went to Belle Plagne this year. It is the second time I have been there. We went by train this year. Which is quite relaxing, shame there is no connection with my city so we had to drive the first part. Which was quite adventurous because the car did not had any heating and radio and it was freezing outside. Train ride went smoothly. Just relax, eat listen to music and drink a beer at the bar in the restoration wagon. After the bus ride we came to our very small apartment. About 25 m2 with 4 people. Long live earplugs for snoring roommates :-)

Quality of the snow was extremely bad. It had not been snowing for about three weeks, making the slopes very icy at the end of the day. This resulted in some injuries to my friends. My skiing has progressed a lot since last year. I took some lessons at Snowlimits that really paid off. I even took a black slope this year!

French kitchen is a bit of “meh”, I still prefer Austrian schnitzels :-)

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