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Photo shoot out!

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Contestant number one: The Fujifilm finepix S620z: This camera served me well from 2003 to 2007. It went to countries like, France, Sweden, Spain and others including Brasil and New Zealand. This camera has seen a lot of awesomeness that exists in the world.

Woot wacom

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I am quite a fan of wacom tablets since 7 years.  My latest wacom bamboo finally arrived at work. Very good to see that their technology has improved even more over the years. Problem is, now I want one at home too instead of my old Sapphire :S

Linksys continued..

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Well apparently my wireless post is not finished.. The ralink drivers ran fine for a while but then the lag spikes started again. The connection drops for one second once in like two minutes. In World of Warcraft it is not that big of a problem. But in Call of Duty fast connection is what you need all the time…. Read more »