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Gone for a week

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Not that it really matters seeing how often I post :-) But my holiday to Brasil starts tomorrow. Maybe I am able to post during vacation, maybe not. I have to sea. Anyways good luck with work, good luck with school etc etc. I am off to the sun! :D

Call of Duty 4 and LAN-party

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I just retrieved my copy of Call of Duty just in time. I was invited to a LAN-party 2 days later. We have been playing Call of Duty all day. I learned a lot. Sadly my laptop was giving my a higher ping than the rest. Resulting in me being owned by the rest of the group. Having low-end weapons… Read more »

Games arriving… and not arriving

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It is announced! Wrath of the Lich King wil be in stores on November 13th. I am looking forward to this expansion pack. Finally I now have a date to look forward to. But first I will be on vacation of course. A game that still has no “release date” for me is Call of Duty… I have ordered the… Read more »

You have got mail

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When living on your own, most mail is yours, instead addressed to housemates or ex-housemates. Some mail is nice to receive like a postcard from friends on holiday in the US. Some are less pleasant like bills. And finally some are just plain annoying like the two in the picture below that I received yesterday. For the non dutch people:… Read more »