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Crafting my own house

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I made a probably very boring movie of my tree house in  a game called Minecraft. The music is good though. It is of one of the composers from the Krakow festival.

Krakow movies

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Instead of words, movies tells more. The festival put movies on youtube. For example this one: More can be found on their youtube playlist.

Blast from the World of Warcraft past

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This week I received an email that google video will (finally) stop to exist. Time for me to move the old videos that I made of World of Warcraft to youtube. Some nostalgia feelings happened while uploading,. :-)

Christmas projects 2010

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Below two videos of this year’s Christmas projects we did for own company’s Christmas party. Enjoy. Project 1: Cone Mirrors. Project 2: Human ticker

Repairing our toy plane.

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After crashing our Reely toy plane. We managed to patch it up again using Styrofeam. The nose is completely replaced. See the photos:

Playing with our fixed toy plane

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After the crash of yesterday we bought special glue. To test the glue we patched up our broken Silverlit Boeing plane . (It broke in pieces last year after 2 flights). It flies again. Nose broke after this flight, but the glue can fix that.

Wall of Stars

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Sorry for being late with my new post. I have been busy creating this little video. Youtube had a problem processing it. After two days I deleted the movie on Youtube and uploaded it again. Now it works. It is a more complete video about our Christmas project seen in my previous post. Enjoy :-)