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In the closet

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Finally, my Asus EEE Box B202 has arrived. It is a very small computer, with its main property that it does not consume a lot of energy. This way I can get to my files and manage my downloads while I am away from home. It is conveniently stored in my hallway closet next to my wireless router and ADSL… Read more »

I am Wii-fied

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I finally caved in. I could not sustain the pressure anymore. Everyone has one, or knows someone who has one. With the end of the year bonus I had to buy it. So I finally have my own Wii! I am practising my tennis very hard. I need to be top notch when I am going to compete with my… Read more »

Woot wacom

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I am quite a fan of wacom tablets since 7 years.  My latest wacom bamboo finally arrived at work. Very good to see that their technology has improved even more over the years. Problem is, now I want one at home too instead of my old Sapphire :S

Linksys continued..

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Well apparently my wireless post is not finished.. The ralink drivers ran fine for a while but then the lag spikes started again. The connection drops for one second once in like two minutes. In World of Warcraft it is not that big of a problem. But in Call of Duty fast connection is what you need all the time…. Read more »

Disabling buttons for non-admins in dokuwiki

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I am using dokuwiki for an intranet on one of the sites I am maintaining. I wanted to disable certain buttons for users who are not administrators, like the profile and the revision buttons. It was for me not easy to find. Hence I am posting it here. The way I did it was editing the following in the main.php… Read more »

Games arriving… and not arriving

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It is announced! Wrath of the Lich King wil be in stores on November 13th. I am looking forward to this expansion pack. Finally I now have a date to look forward to. But first I will be on vacation of course. A game that still has no “release date” for me is Call of Duty… I have ordered the… Read more »

Linksys hardware yay! Lynksys software nay!

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Since I live on my own, I was trying to have less cables as possible in my house. Every room had a phone wired to it. All are now removed and replaced by two simple DECT phones. Being a nerd, I need Internet. With the computer upstairs and the modem in the hall closet I decided to go wireless. So… Read more » has a new home

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This site was hosted on a VPS I rented with a couple of friends. Of course we ran in some problems. Lots of times we had to reboot our server because it ran out of the memory we shared with other VPS’s on the same machine. At least that is what I understood about it. So we decided to buy… Read more »