In the closet

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Finally, my Asus EEE Box B202 has arrived.

It is a very small computer, with its main property that it does not consume a lot of energy. This way I can get to my files and manage my downloads while I am away from home. It is conveniently stored in my hallway closet next to my wireless router and ADSL modem.

You can see a windows logo on there. I still have to remove the stickers :-) It of course runs on linux. I still have to fix an annoying problem: I cannot connect with ssh to it directly… I have to use an outside machine for that… no idea at the moment.

2 thoughts on “In the closet

  1. Thomas

    Showing a Linksys for scale? ;)

    Your SSH problem sounds like a typical NAT issue. Try connecting on its local IP, or traceroute, if you haven’t tried these already.

  2. Cal Post author

    No it was not a NAT issue. Telnet to port 22 worked fine. I solved the problem by downloading a new Putty.. Anyways it is fixed now.

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