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My movie collection

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A friend of mine told me about My Movies. With my  Android it was pretty easy to scan in all my movies using the phone’s camera. Now I finally have all my movies on my phone. It happened to me multiple times in a DVD store that I did not know if I had the movie or not. This resulted… Read more »

Street View

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Google’s Street View is now available in a couple of towns in the Netherlands. Including mine (click picture for larger one) : They forgot to blur my license plate :-)

Season has begun!

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This saturday It was nice and sunny! I reinstalled my battery in my motorcycle.  At least after I found my screw again while I tried installing it… I went for a nice ride. This time the bike behaved very well, better than last year. Let us hope for a lovely spring and summer. And even a bit autumn. :-) Bike… Read more »

Remake of the A-Team

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Now that Knight Rider has a remake, a friend and I were fantasizing about who would star in a remake of the A-team. Apparently Hollywood is even working on planning this. No cast is known. Anyways here is our list: Hannibal: George Clooney Murdock : Jack Black B.A. : Michael Clarke Duncan (too old?) Face: Matthew McConaughey (my friend is… Read more »

You have got mail

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When living on your own, most mail is yours, instead addressed to housemates or ex-housemates. Some mail is nice to receive like a postcard from friends on holiday in the US. Some are less pleasant like bills. And finally some are just plain annoying like the two in the picture below that I received yesterday. For the non dutch people:… Read more »

Bike course

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My brothers birthday was in April. My family bought him a course for advanced bikers. In a nutshell this course teaches bikers who have their license for a while some new pointers. Things they did not know or things they should have known but forgot. Being the nice brother who definitely needs some training I went along. Last Saturday was… Read more »

I am alive!

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Just a quick post to tell every one I am still alive. Not much to tell. The last couple of months were a bit hectic. With happy fun stuff, like my brother getting married. I am still having bassguitar lessons which I really am enjoying still playing in an orchestra etc etc. Two major things happening though: ASTRON has extended… Read more »

Cal the Mechanic

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I am a software developer. I am not really good at other practical stuff. But last weekend I did some maintenance on my bike. I checked the freeplay of the chain I check the condition of all spark plugs I changed the oil I checked the air in my tires I had some guidance from two friends, but I did… Read more »

Come and go

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In my line of sight while I am typing this I see a birthday card. A friend of my and her husband have a little baby. A young healthy girl. I cannot wait to see her. On the other hand I just heard that a college friend of my house mate committed suicide. A guy in his early twenties… I… Read more »

thursday mornings

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I wanted to drive with my bike to work this morning. But when I was at the garage box (5 mins by bicycle) I could not find my bike keys… very bad start of the morning. So I grabbed my car and went to work, opened my mail box and found the following response to my (and friends) famous top… Read more »