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Time for a month of pure fun

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Since yesterday the Fifa World cup started in Germany. Being The Netherlands number one sports this is a huge event here. Every street has orange items like flags and stuff. Let us hope that our dutch team under leadership of our soccer pride of the past . How far we are coming in the tournament, but for the following month… Read more »

Life is good

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Today is May 5th. The day we dutch celebrate our liberation from germans. Now 61 years ago. It is a bank holiday, atleast when you work for the government like I do :-) I just got back from a nice bike tour with my friends (yes I drive a motorcycle) and now I am sitting on my balcony with a… Read more »

The farmers go to Europe!

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My favourite soccer team FC Groningen made it to European league! An huge accomplishement for a not so known dutch soccer team. They have not been in that league for about 25 years. I am happy, now let us hope they even win some games over there. :-)