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Krakow trip: Auschwitz and conclusion

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I still owe you my readers the last day of my Krakow trip. It started with the usual coffee and lunch on the market square. At 2 PM a minibus picked as up for a trip to Auschwitz-Birkenau. That was quite an experience.. I am not in the mood to tell about it on the Internet. It is something to… Read more »

Krakow movies

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Instead of words, movies tells more. The festival put movies on youtube. For example this one: More can be found on their youtube playlist.

Krakow Festival final day

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Krakow Festival final day This day was the final of the festival. It started relaxing with coffee on the main square. We had a good meeting with the administrators while the rest was shopping. After a late lunch we went to the festival for the last concert: ‘Days of Honor’ a Polish TV-series composed by Bartosz Chajdecki and conducted by… Read more »

Krakow Festival day 4

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We started this day with a good cup of coffee in the mall. Afterwards we went shopping for some (of course) film music CDs. The rest of the group went to a discussion board about music used in Disney movies. HW and I went to the Krakow castle which was very nice except of the rain pooring from the sky… Read more »

Krakow Festival day 3

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The 3rd day of this trip is the second day of the festival. We started the day with a cup of coffee in a mall. Afterwards we went to the public meet and greet of Joe Hisaishi. Too bad it was only in Polish and Japanese. One of the questions was about one of his projects in France. To which… Read more »

Krakow Festival day 1 and 2

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Day one On day one three of us drove to Poland. The journey went fine, no problems. Even the roads in Poland were good! Thanks to the Eurocup which is going to be held in 2012. At the hotel, fellow SST member Ad waited for us and we went to a restaurant for some later dinner, beer and some laughs…. Read more »

Going on a road trip

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If you are visiting this blog because you know me, than you probably also know that I have a “thing” for soundtracks. This Wednesday I will be leaving to the Krakow film music festival in Poland. Two amazing composers will be visiting. Namely Joe Hisaishi and Klaus Badelt. I am pretty excited about this! My hotel is supposed to have… Read more »