Krakow Festival day 3

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The 3rd day of this trip is the second day of the festival. We started the day with a cup of coffee in a mall. Afterwards we went to the public meet and greet of Joe Hisaishi. Too bad it was only in Polish and Japanese. One of the questions was about one of his projects in France. To which he responded “are there French people in the room?” Poor Alchemist :-)

Next was some drinks and a quick Indian bite to eat before the next concert. The next concert was music from Final Fantasy. It was awesome to hear all the tracks that I know. When ‘Tina’ was over as the encore people started leaving. Why? ‘One winged angel’ was still to come! Wow, I always wanted to hear it live! We ended the day with again.. drinks. The 4th day will have the Pirates of the Caribbean concert. That will be quite fun too.