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Blue sea, white sand and a bottle of Skol

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I made a deal with Chandler a while back. We would push eachother to make a post once a week. Well I did not succeed this time :S It has been almost 2 years that I have been to Brasil with my brother. I have good memories of that trip. One of the best memories were me and my brother… Read more »

Movie review: The Dark Knight

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So I want along with this hype. With a friend I went to see The Dark Knight. Before the movie I was under the impression that the role of The Joker was played by Heath Ledger was just a bit too glorified. Instead of introducing a clown, Nolan (the director) made the Joker just a horrible  maniac. A role brilliantly… Read more »

Book review : The complete robot by Isaac Asimov

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As a nerd there are some books that should be read. Otherwise you are not a nerd. I finished Lord of the Rings a couple of years ago. (Yes while the film was in the cinema..). Another author I still had to read besides Tolkien was Isaac Asimov. So I finally got around to read The Complete Robot. This book… Read more »

Bike course

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My brothers birthday was in April. My family bought him a course for advanced bikers. In a nutshell this course teaches bikers who have their license for a while some new pointers. Things they did not know or things they should have known but forgot. Being the nice brother who definitely needs some training I went along. Last Saturday was… Read more »