Movie review: The Dark Knight

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So I want along with this hype. With a friend I went to see The Dark Knight. Before the movie I was under the impression that the role of The Joker was played by Heath Ledger was just a bit too glorified. Instead of introducing a clown, Nolan (the director) made the Joker just a horrible  maniac. A role brilliantly played by the late Ledger. But also a Harvey Two-Face although his role as a bad guy is pretty small impressed me. Aaron Eckhart played him well, but also the visual effects of his evil face were just horrifying.

Bale as Batman was good, but not as good in my opinion as the villains. I just do not like the low voice he is using when he is Batman.

Two other things that I did not like:  Contains spoilers!

  1. The “death” of commissioner Gordon was .. erm… not needed and vague. Did he wear a bullit proof vest or something?
  2. A different actress (Maggie Gyllenhaal) that played Rachel was a shame. I preferred  Katie Holmes or just do not use Rachel in the movie at all.

All in all, it will definitely be in my DVD collection when it comes out. Best movie I saw in the cinema in ages.