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VLBI sandwich

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At the moment at the WSRT we have a couple weeks of special observations. We only have couple of those sessions in a year. They are so-called VLBI sessions. These sessions are that important that the observers need to be around 24/7 in the building. This means they eat and sleep in the building. One of them introduced me to… Read more »

Using a wok.. part 2

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Well as can be read in this post me and cooking is not a big success. Anyways I have more experience nowadays. Got a new wok (this time an iron one.. beter for when you make mistakes), and some cooking books and other ‘kitchen tools’ for my birthday. So time for some tasty new meals. I still need a “Kiss… Read more »

How to wok… a la Cal

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I am definately not a genious in the kitchen. I like to have a good meal. But I am waaay too lazy to spend too much time cooking. And I lack the creativity. So I thought it was time to get my cooking skills some boost so I bought me a wok. As the lazy guy I am I decided… Read more »