How to wok… a la Cal

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I am definately not a genious in the kitchen. I like to have a good meal. But I am waaay too lazy to spend too much time cooking. And I lack the creativity.

So I thought it was time to get my cooking skills some boost so I bought me a wok. As the lazy guy I am I decided to buy a teflon one. So on the first day to try it out. I decided to make me some nice Asian food. It was quite nice and I was a bit surprised. One thing…. burn mark in my teflon wok….

Using soap to clean it is a no can do. So I decided to put some water in the wok and let it cook. Unfortunately Top Gear was on and I forgot my wok with boiling water….

So now I have a perfect ruined 24 hour old wok. Oh well it still can be used.. But now I know what I should not do :-)

3 thoughts on “How to wok… a la Cal

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