So Cal how was The Gathering?

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So like I mentioned in my old blog. The Gathering concert was yesterday. Me and my brother were looking forward to it, stepped in the car and parked it in the neighbourhood of the concert hall. Halfway walking from car to hall I noticed a Simplon poster (Yes the one where we had the Epica concert a month back). I saw Green Lizard having a concert! …. on the May 12th… I had a flashback right away to May 2000 where they had an awesome concert on Pinkpop. To me they were a real eye-opener. Check out this video of one of my favourite songs on their web site.
When we were approaching the hall it was too quiet, no people outside, when we walked in our fears were confirmed: The Gathering was canceled. Anneke the lead singer is having a bacterial infection and is not able to perform. So I asked for the phone number of Simplon right away to ask if there were still tickets available for the Green Lizard concert, and yes there were!

When Green Lizard performs on stage they give everything they have got. Even when it is a small audience.. and a small audience it was. It is very difficult to guess but I think there were only about 100 people in the audience. But an awesome concert it was. Lots of new stuff I had not heard, so time for me to buy new CDs.

Two piccies:

global shot

Shot near the stage

Now we have to wait until September 29 for the The Gathering concert.

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