Monthly Archives: May 2006 has a new home

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This site was hosted on a VPS I rented with a couple of friends. Of course we ran in some problems. Lots of times we had to reboot our server because it ran out of the memory we shared with other VPS’s on the same machine. At least that is what I understood about it. So we decided to buy… Read more »

How to wok… a la Cal

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I am definately not a genious in the kitchen. I like to have a good meal. But I am waaay too lazy to spend too much time cooking. And I lack the creativity. So I thought it was time to get my cooking skills some boost so I bought me a wok. As the lazy guy I am I decided… Read more »

Life is good

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Today is May 5th. The day we dutch celebrate our liberation from germans. Now 61 years ago. It is a bank holiday, atleast when you work for the government like I do :-) I just got back from a nice bike tour with my friends (yes I drive a motorcycle) and now I am sitting on my balcony with a… Read more »