has a new home

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This site was hosted on a VPS I rented with a couple of friends. Of course we ran in some problems. Lots of times we had to reboot our server because it ran out of the memory we shared with other VPS’s on the same machine. At least that is what I understood about it. So we decided to buy our own server and got a good deal for hosting it somewhere. We went to Red Bus in Amsterdam to install the server over there ourselves.

Here a nice piccy for the geeks (yellow arrow):

Server picture

Installing it was a piece of cake. Getting there was a different story. Mate of mine insisted on having a portable navigation system to take us there. I am old-fashioned and still do not trust those things. And of course I was right because instread of bringing us to Red Bus it took us straight to the Dam which is in the heart of Amsterdam. Fun place for a tourist but not for me who does not want to be there in the traffic chaos. But we managed.