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biker course

My brothers birthday was in April. My family bought him a course for advanced bikers. In a nutshell this course teaches bikers who have their license for a while some new pointers. Things they did not know or things they should have known but forgot. Being the nice brother who definitely needs some training I went along.

Last Saturday was the big day. Er.. well wet day. It was pouring out of the sky when we woke up :S We went to the driving school and met with our instructor and the third student. Well the rain stopped while we were having a coffee and watched a powerpoint presentation of what kind of accidents can happen to a biker and how it is best to avoid them.  Also he told us about position on the road in different cases, for example when you approach a curve or when you pass a big truck.

Next thing we did was going to an empty parking lot, and did some excersizes like braking, making u-turns, braking and other excersizes to train our driving skills. After a nice lunch we went on the road. By turn one of us was the front driver. Our task was to watch the biker in front of you closely and make remarks about his driving style. The instructor was driving at the back keeping an eye on us all.  He made us stop at certain dangerous crossing. Tellings how they are best handled.

I have now a second certificate. I already had one for a advanced  driving course for cars. All in all very useful to do a course like this. It makes it a bit safer on the road for a biker. It was a very fun they, too bad my own bike was not tuned properly. I had to restart my bike from time to time.