Krakow Festival day 1 and 2

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Day one
On day one three of us drove to Poland. The journey went fine, no problems. Even the roads in Poland were good! Thanks to the Eurocup which is going to be held in 2012. At the hotel, fellow SST member Ad waited for us and we went to a restaurant for some later dinner, beer and some laughs.

Day two

After waking up we went to get some coffee down town. The weather was very warm so we stayed outside all day. At 2:30 we went to a press conference where some of the composers and conductors where introduced. We went on picture with the famous composer Richard Kaufman. Afterwards we were drinking nearby and Ad yells “Diego do you want some beer?!” And Diego Navarro responded with “Sure!”. So we ended up drinking with Diego, his friend and the Polish composer Bartosz Chajdecki. They even went to dinner with us. Afterwards we needed to go straight to the concert of Joe Hishaishi, who sadly could not make it to the press conference. Wow what a performance! It was really a privilege to see him conduct and play. An experience I will never forget.

I am quite excited what the other days will bring.

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