Krakow trip: Auschwitz and conclusion

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I still owe you my readers the last day of my Krakow trip. It started with the usual coffee and lunch on the market square. At 2 PM a minibus picked as up for a trip to Auschwitz-Birkenau. That was quite an experience.. I am not in the mood to tell about it on the Internet. It is something to see for yourself. It is just too horrible what took place there over 65 years ago.

The famous Auschwitz gate

Good thing that after Auschwitz we met up with our new Polish friends for a nice last dinner together and some laughs. All in all it was one awesome trip with a lot of highlights.

Let me summon them up:

  • We had a beer with the composer Bartosz Chajdecki and conductor Diego Navarro thanks to Ad.
  • I saw my favourite composer Joe Hisaishi perform live on stage.
  • I heard my favourite Final Fantasy tracks live. Ie. Tina and One Winged Angel
  • I saw the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie with a live orchestra. Conducted by Richard Kaufman. Sadly Klaus Badelt the composer was not there.
  • I heard a complete new score that I did not know of made by Bartosz. We all got his CD signed!
  • I met a lot of new friends.

A delegation of SST with Richard Kaufman