thursday mornings

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I wanted to drive with my bike to work this morning. But when I was at the garage box (5 mins by bicycle) I could not find my bike keys… very bad start of the morning. So I grabbed my car and went to work, opened my mail box and found the following response to my (and friends) famous top vs. bottom posting article:

I prefer top posting – plain and simple. Please remove your article from the web as my research as shown that most Internet users prefer top posting as they down’t have to wade through old posts. and can get to the point of the post directly by reading the top.

This made me laugh on bad morning :-)

(Now where are me bike keys..)

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  1. hwh

    I wonder if he has any scientific evidence or whatsoever and if he has any whatsoever valid reasons why top posting should be considered bad form. But the sheer stupidity of requesting a page to be removed from the web has me questioning the sanity of the requestor.

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