Remake of the A-Team

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Now that Knight Rider has a remake, a friend and I were fantasizing about who would star in a remake of the A-team. Apparently Hollywood is even working on planning this. No cast is known.

Anyways here is our list:

Hannibal: George Clooney

Murdock : Jack Black

B.A. : Michael Clarke Duncan (too old?)

Face: Matthew McConaughey (my friend is not completely convinced about this one)

For April you just take a random hot babe :-)

1 thought on “Remake of the A-Team

  1. Eric Wout

    What? No, April was a tough girl, you can’t just put in any random hot chick… I think your view of hot chicks is limited due to a strong preference for science fiction -and related- series. Those mainly have hot, and tough, chicks ;)

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