Photo shoot out!

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Contestant number one: The Fujifilm finepix S620z:

This camera served me well from 2003 to 2007. It went to countries like, France, Sweden, Spain and others including Brasil and New Zealand. This camera has seen a lot of awesomeness that exists in the world.

Contestant number two: Canon Powershot A720IS

This “point-and-click” camera replaced the above fujifilm. In many ways it is superior to that camera, but in other ways it just plain suck. Especially shooting inside. It has for example a terrible flash.

Contestant number three: Nikon D60

Bought this camera yesterday. Big bulky and expensive. But wow… what a camera! Can you imagine that I pay 200 bucks less for this camera then I did for the fujifilm in 2003 :-)

I hope to treat you visitors lots of nice pictures with this camera. I still need to buy some gear like a good flash and a couple of filters. Cal is now officially a DSLR owner :D

4 thoughts on “Photo shoot out!

  1. Thomas

    So you joined the enemy camp? Canon ftw!

    Kidding, I think it’s a very good choice. Now go places and take many pictures! With 18-55 I bet you’ll also want a telezoom lens soon :)

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