I am alive!

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Just a quick post to tell every one I am still alive. Not much to tell. The last couple of months were a bit hectic. With happy fun stuff, like my brother getting married. I am still having bassguitar lessons which I really am enjoying still playing in an orchestra etc etc.

Two major things happening though:

  • ASTRON has extended my contract for another two years.
  • I am currently looking for my own place to live.

So you are now up to date, see you in a couple of months ;-)

3 thoughts on “I am alive!

  1. Saff

    Nice to see you are still alive.

    Congrats on the contract renewal and about buying your own place. Get good enough on the bass guitar and maybe you could be in Anneke’s new band. ;-P

  2. Lars

    Hi Anton, great to hear about the contract renewal. I hope further web-sites at ASTRON will benefit from your presence.

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