Call of Duty 4 and LAN-party

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I just retrieved my copy of Call of Duty just in time. I was invited to a LAN-party 2 days later. We have been playing Call of Duty all day. I learned a lot. Sadly my laptop was giving my a higher ping than the rest. Resulting in me being owned by the rest of the group. Having low-end weapons on my low level does not help either. But it was lot of fun. The majority of lan parties goes along with pizza/chinese food and beer. Well we had the beer, but one of the participant’s main hobby is cooking. So we had a very delicious meal!  For everything a first time :-)

About the game it self. I focus on multiplayer. I have not played single player in years, so I probably will not start  with this game. I think this game provide a very good balance in casual players and hardcore players.  Counterstrike was terrible, I walked three meters and I died right away.  The idea whit CoD is to level up from level 1 with simple weapons to level 55 with top notch weapons. The start is hard because of all the high levels in the game, but when you have your first red dot scope on a weapon, the weapon difference is reduced. Then it depends on skill… and mine is not that good :-)

It has been a while I have been playing a game for a longer period besides World of Warcraft. But I really love this game. Specially when you have only half an hour to spare, just log on and shoot the bad guys (or the good guys depending on which team you are).