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Blue sea, white sand and a bottle of Skol

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I made a deal with Chandler a while back. We would push eachother to make a post once a week. Well I did not succeed this time :S It has been almost 2 years that I have been to Brasil with my brother. I have good memories of that trip. One of the best memories were me and my brother… Read more »

Erm stuff

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Ouch last post was from November…. A lot of things happened since then. You may even say major things. First of all, I have met a very lovely girlfriend. If one thing in my life is taking up time in a very positive way. It is her. We live 200 km from eachother resulting in only seeing eachother every weekend…. Read more »


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Still working on the finances though.. but that should not be a problem.

Back in business

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Maybe you noticed maybe you do not. This site was not available for a couple of days. Our freshly bought server had a faulty powersupply… Anyways we are back in business…. fingers crossed it will not happen again.

There you have it..

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.. my new blog. I decided to ditch my old blogspot blog and to start a fresh one on my domain. Finally some content on :-) I am quite happy with the theme I have made but it still need some tweaking (bloody 1 pixel shift that still needs fixing.) In the future I am planning to add more… Read more »