Erm stuff

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Ouch last post was from November…. A lot of things happened since then. You may even say major things.

First of all, I have met a very lovely girlfriend. If one thing in my life is taking up time in a very positive way. It is her. We live 200 km from eachother resulting in only seeing eachother every weekend.

I have now been living in my own house. With the house comes the garden, which of course needs my attention. My father and I have build a platform which now holds my bike. There is of course still some room for a nice barbecue with friends. And the house it self needs to be cleaned from time to time.

I am now responsible for the music we are playing in our orchestra. So in my house sheets of music are stashed everywere. Which still needs to be sorted.

I am still taking lessons learning the bass guitar. Me not having much time, means progress in learning is slow. But me and the teacher are still have fun.

And finally I started a new job at the University of Groningen as a software engineer. So I left ASTRON. So no more fancy pictures anymore from business trips and nice telescopes. But instead I now have a far more stable job closer to home.

In a nutshell a lot of things has happenend keeping me away from my keyboard.