There you have it..

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.. my new blog. I decided to ditch my old blogspot blog and to start a fresh one on my domain. Finally some content on :-)

I am quite happy with the theme I have made but it still need some tweaking (bloody 1 pixel shift that still needs fixing.) In the future I am planning to add more content to this domain.

So have fun and enjoy your stay.

4 thoughts on “There you have it..

  1. j2brown

    Welcome to WordPress. Sorry about the pixel issue. Now, please entertain us…


  2. graywolf

    Enters new address into bursty link acquisition tool ;-)

    Seriously make sure you moderate comments and trackbacks and install akismet and badbehavior plugins. I’d never run a blog without them.

  3. Cal Post author

    ok I will look into thos plugins. About moderating stuff. I think I have set it okay now. Every one can post a comment when I have approved one of them before.

    I think I am gonna like this wordpress :-)

  4. Babbel

    Finally a place to troll away from the old forums; never could comment on your blogspot because of not having an account there … post lots of gossip, will you?

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