Day one Tenerife

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Day one of the festival was not a big succes. The flights were plagued by heavy delays. After the a delay of around two hours, the plane started to land to the final airport but suddenly aborted the landing. After that we circled for quite some time, when we finally landed we found out that we had landed on the wrong airport. The reason they told us was because of bad weather. After lots of hours waiting for leaving the plane and getting our luggage we finally borded a transferbus to Santa Cruz, but were quite irritated on missing the concert. Also the lack of information in english was not a good point.

After checking in at around eleven (the concert started at nine..) we went to town for a late snack. At a restaurant we saw Nancy Knutsen (CEO at ASCAP) dining with Pedro Merida (festival producer). We both met them at the Krakow festival. We said hi and also sat down. They were joined later on by Robert Townson (CEO at VareseSarabande), Diego Navarro (director of the festival) and George Christianopulos (business man in the industry). It was a very nice conclusion. It felt like Krakow all over again. It was a nice conclusion of a not so good day.

2 thoughts on “Day one Tenerife

  1. ola

    hey cal! whose concert was it that you missed?
    [yet again i envy you much for meeting so many great people :D ]

    and hellos to ad!

  2. Cal Post author

    It was a collection of all kinds of good tracks. Like mask of Zorro, back to the future, Schindler’s list etc. So not really a composer that we missed, but a good concert nonetheless. :S

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