Day two Tenerife

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After a good night sleep some breakfast and some time on the Internet we decided to do something you are supposed to do in an hotel in Tenerife: swimming in their pool. Afterwards we went downtown to collect our tickets and for some beers. We found a restaurant where we could eat. Which is very rare because restaurants open up at around 7 pm. We have a concert to attend to at 9 pm, that makes eating at that time a bit troublesome. Ad liked the food that much so he arranged that we can eat there with a group next year. :-)

The concert for this night was with Stephen Warbeck. It was in the town La Laguna in a small theatre. The theatre itself was small and was still in its old authentic style with three rows of balconies. Sadly for the organization it was not sold out. I was expecting it to be a concert with a complete orchestra, but instead it was a small group of musicians. The group consisted of:

Piano and accordion played by Stephen himself
Klarinette, saxophone and flute played by his wife
Guitar (weird red shoes)
And drums (weird baggy trousers)

The concert was a mixed of happy tunes, some jazzy tracks and some drama songs. After each track Stephen walked to the microphone to talk about the tracks. He did that in English and a bit in Spanish that he had written down in a book. During the concert he played music from all movies. Songs from Two Brothers, Opa, {Proof}, Polisse, There be dragons and Shakespear in Love. The last track was made for a 65 men orchestra. It was well done by the seven musicians! The concert was a wonderful experience.

During the break (no coffee..) we met Diego, Pedro, Robert, George and Nancy again. They were now also joined by the composer Umebayashi. He was a very nice person and of course recognized Ad immediately. They have met in Krakow last year. Afterwards Ad and I went to a bar to have some drinks.

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  1. sstgirlfriend

    Wow, meeting all those nice people, and even beïng recognized by Umi……..
    Wonders what kind of restaurant it will be next year

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