Day 4 and 5: 2 and 3 September

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Today was a very important day for Our first meet and greet with composers would be held that day. In the morning I helped Stefan and Ad with setting up. Also stuff about future events were discussed. At 2 o’clock the meeting started. We were with eleven SST members and two composers namely Ryan Shore and George Shaw. This made the meeting small, but very intimate and fun. Both the members and the composers had a great time!

After a fun dinner with my new friends at a Hawaiian restaurant, where I ate a delicious bowl, we went to the David Newman concert in the Hollywood Bowl. It was a best-of Paramount pictures concert. It started with a very old silent movie and ended with the latest Mission Impossible movie from last year. When the music was playing the corresponding scene was shown on the large screen. Music was played from Vertigo, Godfather, Indiana Jones, Star Trek and many more. David Newman and orchestra did very well. The host Jason Alexander was pretty funny. It was also good to see Alan Silvestri, Michael Giacchino and Lalo Schifrin on stage. All in all a very enjoyable concert. Afterwards I had to say goodbye to my new friends.

The next day Ad, Stefan and I went for a walk on Venice Beach. Lot of things can be seen there. Especially the people and also the famous baywatch houses. After a burger and a beer Stefan and I said goodbye to Ad en left for a long journey to the Grand Canyon South Rim. We stopped at Lake Havasu to take a look at the famous London Bridge. That bridge was rebuild stone by stone from London to the new location near the lake. We also ate our dinner there in a nice restaurant.

We ended that day very late in the town called Williams. While we were looking for our motel we did not pay attention to our speed. Luckily the bossy police officer let us go with only a warning.