Day 3 – September 1

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We left the hotel early to go to the fan of film music meeting. This was a meeting for around 150 people. On the morning there was panel with composers like Bruce Broughton, Craig Safan, George S. Clinton. We could as an audience ask questions and afterwards there was a signing session with the composers. In the afternoon the same formula was applied with other composers like Greame Revell, Richard S. Sherman, Marco Beltrami, Robert Folk and Edward Shearmur. Here I met members of SST that I have not met before and saw old friends again like Jon Broxton.

Before the concert we went for a picnic with the whole group. Where I finally met some of my online friends. Everyone brought their own food and had a good time. Afterwards John Williams concert, the meastro himself! All the good stuff was played like mentioned in my previous post. With encores from Star Wars, with a lot of light sabres in the audience. John Williams even ‘conducted’ the many light sabres of the audiences. The confiscated my camera though, so I only have some horrible pictures which I took with the phone. The concert was a wonderful experience that I can now scratch of my bucket list.

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