Day 8 and 9: 6 and 7 September

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We had again a busy day ahead of us. First stop was Zion national park. I had been there 10 years ago and had fond memories of that park. I was quite curious if I would still like it. And apparently I did. The Zion canyon is just beautiful. We took the shuttle bus and stopped at a couple of spots and hiked a bit to near points like ‘The Weeping Rock. We ended up  walking a mile to a nice place at the river where hikers started walking through the river to start a long hike.

Back in the car we started driving to sin city Las Vegas. Halfway Stefan asked me ‘Wanna go to the Hoover dam?” And I said yes. So instead of going to our Hotel we drove through Vegas to visit the dam. After passing security we saw the dam at the back. Not the best place to take pictures of the dam. They build a new bridge for a new highway. It is possible to walk over the bridge and take pictures of the good site of the dam we all know from movies. It was a nice experience visiting the dam But nowhere near the Zion experience. Afterwards we went to ‘Circus Circus’ Hotel located on the strip of Vegas. After a very good dinner in the hotel we went for a walk on the strip. We visited some hotels and saw the usual shows like the water show at Bellagio and the pirate show in front of Treasure Island.

The next day we left Vegas for our trip back to California. We wanted to drive through Death Valley at the south east entrance, but sadly that road was closed. We had to drive more north to enter the park. In Death Valley we again stopped at some points to sweat a lot and to take pictures. We also took a nice scenic drive through a part of the valley that was quite fun. After leaving the park we ended up in a hotel in the town Bishop.