Day 10: 8 September

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Today was an exciting day. We planned to visit the national park Yosemite. Currently there is an outbreak of the Hantavirus that resulted in the deaths of three people. Stefan and I decided just to go and see what would happen at the entrance. Well… a leaflet with information. As long you stayed away from a certain type of mouse, don’t go near shed or barns and stay in the open air you should be fine. It did not stop thousands of people visiting the park. Lots of tourists and American’s who wanted to spend their free Saturday were present in the park.

We drove around and saw most of the usual highlights that Yosemite has to offer like good views on the Half dome, El Capitan and other mountains. Yosemite has such a unique set of mountains that is not easy to describe. I hope to process my pictures very soon.

We ended up in a motel in the city Fresno where I we had some delicious pizza.