Krakow film music festival day 1

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For those who do not know yet: I am back at the Krakow music festival. I arrived on May 23rd after a nice 11 hour drive. The trip went well. I met a lot of friends right away. After a good night sleep we went to the press conference. It was good to see Elliot Goldenthal again after seeing him in Gent. And of course our film music friends Diego Navarro, Nancy Knutsen and other friends. Afterwards it was time for the usual lunch/beer/dinner time at the market place.

That evening it was time for the first concert. We were watching the movie Perfume: Story of a murderer with a live orchestra. As expected the sound and experience was excellent again in the large factory hall. I never heard the score or saw the movie. Especially the movie was excellent. So that was a bit of a problem, because I was there for the music experience… :-)  But all in all a pretty fun evening. It is good to be in Krakow again!