Krakow film music festival day 2

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The second day of the festival was filled with a couple of interesting sessions in the  afternoon. The first session was a discussion about a couple of persons in the film industry talking about soundtracks in general. The second session was  a session about the Alien movies with in the panel Elliot Goldenthal and Robert Townson. In a nutshell it was about sex, drugs and aliens. I love Elliot Goldenthal. :-)

Afterwards we had a nice drink with a lot of our friends.  Also the Polish composer Maciek Dobrowolski and Jonathan Broxton from film critics association joined us.

This evening’s concert was about the 80th birthday of Wojciech Kilar. Where his music was played all evening. The first half of the concert the maestro himself was present. In that half all kind of his Polish music was played. Always nice to hear music that you have never heard before from this great composer. The second half was his Hollywood music. Of course with a lot of Dracula , Portrait of a Lady and of course my favourite: The Ninth Gate.

Afterwards we went for some drinks with Maciek Dobrowolski and friends from