A late present from a French Santa Claus

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Yesterday morning when I came back from work I found this lying on my doormat. I order a lot of CDs on the internet, but I could not recall ordering this one.  Seeing that it was send to ‘Pays Bas’ and that is a Joe Hisaishi CD it was a no-brainer to me to know from whom it was from. Alchemist you are an  awesome dude and thanks a lot for your present!

The best of Cinematic Music CD

So what is this CD? I had the pleasure to be at Joe Hisaishi‘s first European concert held in Krakow. This CD is a registration from the program that was played. The recording is not from Krakow, but the cover is! I was sitting somewhere around the eighth row.

The music brings me goosebumps from time to time. A live registration of film music is quite some experience. It just sounds more ‘natural’ than  a recording done in a studio.  The best film music from Joe is on this CD. Some tracks sound even better because of the addition of the choir. There were also two new addition from music we did not know. One was a re-recording of a very old silent movie. The other was a tribute to the tsunami.

All in all, an awesome CD that I will listen too from time to time and all thanks to my good friend Alchemist!