I am alive!

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Just a quick post to tell every one I am still alive. Not much to tell. The last couple of months were a bit hectic. With happy fun stuff, like my brother getting married. I am still having bassguitar lessons which I really am enjoying still playing in an orchestra etc etc. Two major things happening though: ASTRON has extended… Read more »

Cal the Mechanic

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I am a software developer. I am not really good at other practical stuff. But last weekend I did some maintenance on my bike. I checked the freeplay of the chain I check the condition of all spark plugs I changed the oil I checked the air in my tires I had some guidance from two friends, but I did… Read more »

VLBI sandwich

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At the moment at the WSRT we have a couple weeks of special observations. We only have couple of those sessions in a year. They are so-called VLBI sessions. These sessions are that important that the observers need to be around 24/7 in the building. This means they eat and sleep in the building. One of them introduced me to… Read more »


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Yay another post from me. Something tells me that blogging is not really my thing :-) One of the excuses I can use for not blogging much is that I have been on holiday. My brother lives in Brasil. In the city Recife to be precise. He was spending the holidays with friends in the Southeast of Brasil: the city… Read more »

Greetings from Oxford

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Ouch.. almost two months without posting… sorry. :-) Anyways time for another ‘Cal-is-on-a-business-trip’ posts again. Well this time it is Oxford in the UK. Lots of new stuff to be learned about a software package called AstroGrid. Beer and pubs are good, English breakfast is nice, the weather rainy and cold. Finishing up with an okay-ish picture:

Using a wok.. part 2

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Well as can be read in this post me and cooking is not a big success. Anyways I have more experience nowadays. Got a new wok (this time an iron one.. beter for when you make mistakes), and some cooking books and other ‘kitchen tools’ for my birthday. So time for some tasty new meals. I still need a “Kiss… Read more »

So Cal how was The Gathering part 2

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As can be read in this post my latest The Gathering was not a success. Well last weekend we had a second chance. Wow awesome concert. Third time I heard them and they are getting better and better. I bit more guitar even than last concert. I’ll post a picture if it if I found the cable of my cellphone… Read more »

Come and go

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In my line of sight while I am typing this I see a birthday card. A friend of my and her husband have a little baby. A young healthy girl. I cannot wait to see her. On the other hand I just heard that a college friend of my house mate committed suicide. A guy in his early twenties… I… Read more »

To Do list

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This is my to do list I have since a couple of years Getting my drivers licence for a motor cycle… check on 2 Feb 2006 Getting my own bike… check on 13 Feb 2006 Getting a bass guitar… … check on 19 Aug 2006 Learning to play the bass guitar…. erm working on it. :-)