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“Cyber-terrorists” as they call themselves… had defaced my precious blog. Bloody bastards. That should not have been that bad, just restore a backup, update your software you use on websites and you are done. But it turns out our backup drive had broken down probably because of the powersupply failure we had last week. Anyways, we are back in business….again…

Lost and found..

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Like all other people I have bad habits. Tons even.. :-) One of my worst bad habit is that I forget stuff. To be precise: I forget where I put stuff. One moment I have an item, and the other moment it is gone, completely gone never to be found. It happens to car keys, bike keys (see two posts… Read more »

Back in business

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Maybe you noticed maybe you do not. This site was not available for a couple of days. Our freshly bought server had a faulty powersupply… Anyways we are back in business…. fingers crossed it will not happen again.

thursday mornings

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I wanted to drive with my bike to work this morning. But when I was at the garage box (5 mins by bicycle) I could not find my bike keys… very bad start of the morning. So I grabbed my car and went to work, opened my mail box and found the following response to my (and friends) famous top… Read more »

Hoge Veluwe Part 2

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I went to the Hoge Veluwe National Park for the second time a month back. Here some piccies: This is how the park looks like in the majority. An open field in the park.

Bye mum!

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My mum got a balloon trip for her 60st birthday. And here she goes :-)

Time for a month of pure fun

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Since yesterday the Fifa World cup started in Germany. Being The Netherlands number one sports this is a huge event here. Every street has orange items like flags and stuff. Let us hope that our dutch team under leadership of our soccer pride of the past . How far we are coming in the tournament, but for the following month… Read more »

Caliburn.nl has a new home

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This site was hosted on a VPS I rented with a couple of friends. Of course we ran in some problems. Lots of times we had to reboot our server because it ran out of the memory we shared with other VPS’s on the same machine. At least that is what I understood about it. So we decided to buy… Read more »

How to wok… a la Cal

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I am definately not a genious in the kitchen. I like to have a good meal. But I am waaay too lazy to spend too much time cooking. And I lack the creativity. So I thought it was time to get my cooking skills some boost so I bought me a wok. As the lazy guy I am I decided… Read more »