Lost and found..

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Like all other people I have bad habits. Tons even.. :-) One of my worst bad habit is that I forget stuff. To be precise: I forget where I put stuff. One moment I have an item, and the other moment it is gone, completely gone never to be found. It happens to car keys, bike keys (see two posts below) watches and removable fronts of car radios.

The worst thing I have lost is my ipod. Imagine losing a 350 bucks worth item. I went to my parents by car, hooked it on my trousers. When I wanted to go home I wanted to pick up my stuff, so I got me wallet, car keys… but no ipod. It was never to be found again. It probably fell of my trousers while I was walking to my car. I had to buy a new one.

Last item which a have lost is the removable front of my car radio. Since my old radio was stolen from me and my experience with my ipod I had serious worries. I lost it after going to the MacDonalds with friends. After 5 days, just before I need my car again to drive to work (I am so lost without music while driving) my neighbours turned up with the item! I stashed it away at their place..

Anyways I really enjoyed my ride to work again! :D

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